Automatic Single Water Softeners

Automatic Single Water Softeners are used to eliminate the hardness formed by Ca+2 and Mg+2 ions in water. These are single-tank softening systems where special resins that are capable of exchanging ions are used. Backwash and regeneration processes may be selected as “time-controlled” or “flow rate controlled” in accordance with the customer's needs.

Options with various capacities, tank materials, control systems and backwash systems are available for different applications and needs.

Overview :

Tank Material : FRP/Stainless Steel/Hot Dip Galvanized Steel /Carbon Steel + Epoxy Paint
Control : Automatic Valve/Surface Piping System (with electric or pneumatic actuator valve)
Automatic Backwash : Time Controlled / Flow Controlled
Operating Temperature : 4 - 40 oC
Operating Pressure : 3 - 7 bars
Power Supply : 220 V / 50 Hz


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